From the left: Skip Barton (Kristyn's husband), Tamara Corrick, Jessica Farris, On the right is
Kristyn Gosney Farris '89. Next left is Ron Albers '89.
Danny Tomlinson '63

Dierk Brown '60, Garnett Hocker '59, Jim Trainer '62
The Bob Albers Family
Kim Erickson Sussenbach '89
Sarah Shepherd Michener '62 and Arlene Shepherd  Alexander '65
Joel Fresquez '89 with son.

Joel please let us know your child's name.
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Lois Grenfel '55 left sharing a laugh with Ed Michaelis '64
Some of the crowd in front of the Elks Club at the 2009 CCHS Alumni
Association Picnic
Lois Grenfel '55 working the membership desk with Dick Davis '41
Linda Easter Powell '63, Shirley Straub '61 and her daughter Shannon
Ingrid King and Noah King
Left is Marc Syrene '89 and on the right is Leslie
Romarine '89.

In the background is Danny Tomlinson '63.
Georgianne Preskar Rollman '69 and Mrs. Mary Blackwell
Kaylynn Kitzmiller-Duncan, Mindy Gilszmer-Felix, and Becky Saint-Zacharias all from the class of
Aldene White Culter '36 and Jim Thomas '63
CCHS AlumnI Association  Board members: Dick Davis, Audrey Quinn, Dierk
Brown, Georgianne Preskar Rollman, Aldene Culter, and Lois Grenfel gathered
around the cake to honor Aldene's upcoming 90th Birthday

The Annual Clear Creek High School Picnic/Reunion was held on July 25, 2009.
A very good crowd of alumni was present to socialize with fellow Clear Creek grads and friends. The
attendees included over 170 alumni plus their guests. One highlight of this years showing was the large
number of children in attendance.
Joan Fenicle '59 and Jose Martinez
Dan Prather, Frank Bouman '59 and Sam Grillo '59
Susan Orr Gardiner '59 and Dierk Brown '60
Bud Orr '61, Gayle Drury Murphy '63 and Wayne Preskar '61
Arlie and Les Clark '44 - Queen and King of
the Gold Rush Celebration
Helen Seitz Whittaker '37 and Aldene White Culter '36
Linda Easter Powell '63, Fred Powell '60, and Buck Shrader '60
Jean Schuessler '63, Dave Schuessler '62, Mr. Murphy, and Gayle Drury
Murphy '63
Jody Erwin '89, Denise Erwin, and Pat Derringer '89
Jennifer Cox-Lillis '89 and Husband
Robby Riopelle '89 and Jason Wise '89