Clear Creek High School Alumni Association Charter
    Founded in 1979, the Alumni Association is made up of over eight hundred members. The
    purpose of the Association is to continue the friendships and spirit of camaraderie developed
    while attending a Clear Creek County school or working with the schools in some capacity.
    The association strives to assist young persons graduating from Clear Creek High School by
    awarding scholarships to those who qualify in order that they may continue their education and

    The membership of the Association is open to all of those who attended any of the schools
    located in Clear Creek County or who were teachers, staff members or administrators at those

    The Clear Creek High School Alumni Association is an independent non-profit organization. It
    has no legal connection  to  Clear Creek High School or the Clear Creek School District RE-
    1. The Association endeavors to maintain a working cooperative relationship with Clear Creek
    High School particularly in matters relating to the awarding of the Association’s annual
    scholarships to the graduating seniors at the school.